NHS Contraception Service Doncaster (Free Daily Contraceptive Pill)

Struggling to Get the Time to Sort Out Your Contraceptive Pill with Your Doctors Surgery?

We offer this NHS service to you via phone call or video-link and can then deliver 3 months worth of the pill to your door. We can then supply this to you going forward. Just contact us when you require a new supply. Many women have told us this has made their lives so much easier.

Why Use Us to Supply Contraception to You?

We can deliver the contraceptive pill to you anywhere in the Doncaster and Bassetlaw area.

Benefits of the NHS Contraception Service in Doncaster

  • From the Convenience of Your Home or Workplace – We can carry out the consultation over the phone.
  • Contraception Delivered to Your Door – Free delivery of the pill. This is an NHS Service run by Holden’s Chemist Express, so no cost to you.
  • Experienced Clinical Pharmacists – Be assured that our experienced team can give you the same standard of care you would expect from your GP or Nurse Practitioner.
  • Chaperone – You are welcome to have a chaperone with you during the consultation.



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